Professional Registration

To register, go to Electronic Construction Permitting System Portal URL https://ecps.uru.gov.bd/ and User can register with Username and password

Click “Register Now” on the upper left box and enter the Login Account Details. As shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

Click “Registration as Professional” link and the system will take the user to the registration page. As shown in Figure 2

Figure 2

Enter Membership Number and select Role Types (Architects, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Plumbing Engineer, Fire Safety Specialist, Diploma Architect and Diploma Engineer) and press “Verify” button. As shown in Figure 3. ECPS system will fetch data from their corresponding institution’s database.

Figure 3

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Sex of the professional will be fetched from their corresponding institution’s database. As Shown in Figure 4

Figure 4

Professional will have to enter his e-mail address and password and press “Register” button. As shown in Figure 5

Figure 5

An automatic mail will be sent to the professional’s e-mail address and the System will display a message saying the account has been created. AS shown in Figure 6

Figure 6


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